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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Enrol in Semiconductor Devices

All those who want to register for EL DC1 Semiconductor Devices course please fill this form.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Teaching in Delhi University

Rules regarding appointment at entry level have changed drastically in Delhi University. This means people looking for appointment in DU also need to change their strategy.

Previously, it was sufficient to clear NET (National Eligibility Test), once NET was done one could join a DU college as adhoc. And if all goes well, would get absorbed in some years and can then pursue research only if the person so desired.

But as per the new point system, research has become the most crucial component for appointment as well as promotions. Now one has to ensure that research is done on regular basis (6 hours per week as per new guidelines) and thus at least one paper should be (preferably)  published per year. With this changing scenario it makes more sense to join doctoral program first, and then take the adhoc/permanent position.

Yes this means the starting age to join teaching profession at college/university level has also essentially increases. Previously one could join at a young age of 22. But now a person will start the career only when touching thirties.

It is good in one sense that only people really interested in this career will wait so long. Rest time will tell.


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